Future Diary – Anime Series Review

This review was originally drafted in December 2012, but I do not recall if I actually published the review! This was around the time when I ran myself into a writer’s block, then other things happened that I had to take care of, until the rebrand under Centaku Media a few years later. As with most of the #ThrowbackThursday posts, these are the original posts that have been edited for typos, as well as combined from the first watch review of Future Diary. Enjoy!


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Final Fantasy X’s Hidden Affection System

This post was originally published on September 1st, 2009.

Author’s Thoughts: Considering the nature of Final Fantasy XV, I thought the game would have something similar, which it does, in a way: when Prompto asks Noctis who does he (the player) want to see more photos of: Ignis, Gladiolus, Prompto, or Noctis himself. If Final Fantasy X was remastered for a second time, I wished they added photo mode. There is one character who does not get enough photo opportunities! ^_^

Note: this posts contains mild spoilers!


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